.Northcoast Naturists is a non-landed nude recreation club founded in 1996. Non-landed means we do not own any property or facilities. About 80 Northcoast Naturists members enjoy diverse opportunities for non-sexual nude social activities throughout Northeast Ohio. We are comprised of singles, couples and families encompassing all age groups. All club functions are clothing optional which means dress or undress as your comfort level dictates. No one is ever pressured to disrobe and a safe, non-sexual, family oriented environment is maintained at all times.

Our club etiquette is simple and common sense with few rules. Respect everyone, their property and their viewpoints. Bring a towel to sit on. Behavior that would be inappropriate with children present is not acceptable! Needless to say, overt sexuality and illegal substance use or activity is strictly prohibited at all club functions. Photography is not permitted unless specifically approved in advance by the board and the subject. We do not have gender quotas and do not discriminate as long as behavior is reasonable. We do encourage single men to bring a female friend along, if possible, to prevent the group from becoming male dominated.

Membership in Northcoast Naturists for Adults (Ages 31 and up) is $60/year for a single and $70/year for a family or couple (must reside at one address). Membership for Young Adults (Ages 18-30) is $45/year for a single and $55/year for a family or couple. The principal applicant’s age determines the membership fees (Adult or Young Adult).  Proof of age is required.  Membership is open to anyone at least eighteen years of age. Application for membership must be made in person at a club sponsored event where a board member is present. Positive identification (photo ID) is required for membership application as well as non-member attendance at any club function.

During summer, we sponsor visits to landed nudist campgrounds such as Green Valley in Ohio, White Thorn Lodge in Pennsylvania and others within a reasonable driving distance. Summer also means picnics on members' property, clothing optional hikes, canoe trips and related warm weather activities. Various summer highlights include nude hiking in New York's Chautauqua Gorge, and the famous "Volleyball Superbowl" at White Thorn Lodge the weekend after Labor Day. Occasionally we hold a Tennessee nude houseboat excursion, but as this is quite expensive, it is not run every year.

During winter we have Members also host theme parties at their homes.

Interested in the club? To receive a Northcoast Naturists brochure, a complimentary issue of our newsletter "The Naked Truth" and information on attending our events, please fill in the questionnaire on our Contact Us page. You will be notified by e-mail and/or postal mail with detailed information.

We are confident you will find non-sexual social nudity to be very relaxing and free of anxiety, and we encourage you to consider giving us a try. Experience the freedom!


Northcoast Naturists

Northcoast Naturists Code of Conduct

(as stated in club bylaws)

A Northcoast Naturist:

Behaves in a manner compatible with normal social values in a family atmosphere. Among other things, this implies that behavior such as staring or open sexual activity is improper.

Tries never to behave in a manner requiring an apology.