Party Review

By Donna McIlwain

Last night we had the Newcomer’s Halloween Card and Body Paint Party. What a hoot! It was Martha and Tibor’s first time to host and it was super. They have a warm, beautiful home and she had fun with both party themes! We got some fun decorations, some tempera paints, and we set up a painting area in the basement. We covered the lovely furniture with sheets and put spider webs (complete with spiders) in several corners. Tibor made "Hungarian stew" and the NN group filled in with other yummy goodies.

I really got into the body painting and as the guests arrived I was coaxing Alan to finish up my "Raggedy Andy" face and starting his Tiger on his tail. I used some examples Jeff found on the Internet and several people became willing victims of my paintbrush. I did a mouse face, an elephant, a pumpkin. a tiger face, and my grand finale was a Dracula face on Tibor (it looked more like a horrible ghoul…but it was scary). Eric and Solange painted each other with "sweetheart " halves (making a very nice whole}, Clarence and Louise did matching pumpkins, and Dave got into some creative design work on Diane. Barb was a pretty hula girl, enhanced with flowers, and Jerry was a mad butcher dripping blood. For once, I think we got it all on the camera!

Afterwards there was Euchre, Hand and Foot and Spades, along with regular party conversations, food and general silliness and fun. This is a typical nudist get together…food, fun, and no attention is paid to the fact we are nude!