Calling for a Woman’s Perspective

by Donna McIlwain

"Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They’re what makes the instrument stretch – what make you go beyond the norm."

-Cicely Tyson

We have always had some form of women’s outreach group in Northcoast Naturists. As well as providing personal contact for women requiring information about the club, it has tried to bring together the women in the club by means of newcomers’ events. These events have been open to men and women, but have always been organized by women and have themes and activities that were of interest to women as well as men.

It may be time to re-examine our activities to see if we are adequately meeting the needs of our female members. Consider some of the following questions: Do we want to have some meetings exclusive to women? How about issues related to women’s comfort in the club? Are there things we could do to make people feel more at-home? Are problems related to unwanted attentions or staring being adequately handled? How about the types of newcomer events? Could we do something that would be of more interest to you than the events we are running?

At one of the winter swims, several NN women met upstairs to talk "Girl Talk". We decided there are some things easier to express amongst your own sex.

Topics touched on (and open for further future discussion) included:

Nude vs clothing optional

Feelings about non-sexual nudity in a social setting.

What to do about unwanted attention or comments from men at the club if it should occur, and polite discouragement doesn’t work.

Women’s need to bond and express feelings.

A wide range of positions on "acceptable nudity" – what are the limits?

Nudist "clothing" or body adornment– Sexy? Acceptable? A personal decision.

Some possible interest areas for women – massage, book discussion, cookbook, healthy habits…

Another time or way to get together at a future date – Women’s Weekend or day at a landed club, a social at a camping getaway, and a Sunday afternoon "Tea".

If you have any ideas or concerns regarding these or other issues of particular interest to women, please e-mail me at This is our club and anything we can do to make the experience a positive one for women is of interest.