Reaching Out

Talk Given at CWRU

On Saturday, April 13th Alan and I gave a two hour class on "Body Acceptance from a Nudists Point of View". We used a Power Point presentation, slides and group discussion to show how this is put into practice. We told what nudism is and described our particular involvement in the local club. We then went on to show that media, our culture, and even our family unit can affect deeply the self-concept of many women (and some men). The nude lifestyle and nudist activities were presented as an example of where acceptance is expected and given. A news clip was shown (a video of some of our members on a summer outing being interviewed by the local Fox station).

This presentation was part of a university program called SATCO. CWRU students, staff and faculty are encouraged to share their hobbies or interests in a classroom format. It is interesting to note that the course title "Body Acceptance from a Nudists Point of View", was used in news articles and e-mail notices to promote interest in these courses. Some other talks of interest included "A Walking Tour of Lakeside Cemetery", "Swing Dancing", and "The Infamous Potato War"

If you would like to read a personal story from Donna’s talk on body acceptance, click here for a link to Body Acceptance

We enjoyed doing this and would be happy to give this presentation (or another on any topic related to nudism) to interested groups. Contact us by e-mail at