by Donna McIlwain

There are many positive benefits for women who become involved with social nudity. There are also many things that frighten women away. Women In Nude Recreation or WINR is designed to discuss these fears and emphasize the benefits of this lifestyle to women.

WINR is a committee designed to reach out to women who might have questions, concerns, or considerations about attempting to try social nudity. There are many positive aspects to nudism for women. These include body acceptance, and an opportunity to enjoy your nude body in a non-sexual atmosphere. Relaxation in nature, and the friendship that comes with social nudism are additional benefits. We have videos from national organizations, AANR and TNS, as well as pamphlets and articles on various women and how they discovered personal satisfaction and joy within the nude community. We would be happy to share these with you.

Here are three functions of this committee:

First – Pat C is the chair of the WINR group, and I am an enthusiastic member. We would be happy to hear from anyone with questions about our club, the activities we sponsor, or concerns about participation, especially from a woman's perspective. For men who would like to involve a female friend or family member in our activities, we are able to discuss possibilities, provide a friendly point of contact, and understand a woman's point of view. Pat can be reached by e-mail at

Second – When someone is curious about the nudist way of life, but would like someone to talk to about it, some couples in our club are willing to meet with couples or women in a non nudist setting (coffee shop, dinner, etc), to discuss person to person what we are all about. We are happy to explain how we feel and show that we are ordinary people (maybe just a little bit friendlier or more outgoing than the average). We also want to reassure newcomers that the nature of the nudity is completely non- sexual.

Third – We regularly have special events aimed at women and their interests to encourage women to get to know each other better and socialize amongst themselves within the club. These have included book discussions, spa days, pajama (less) parties, and crafts making.

I hope if you live in the northeast Ohio area, and have considered trying a nude experience, you will contact us.